LundbergTech News

May 5, 2020

Very short delivery time of All-in-one units

At Lundberg Tech, we are reacting on the unusual times that were are facing. We are now able to provide very short delivery times which means that we are able to ship standard All-in-one units maximum one week after order.



It appears that the COVID-19 situation is easing up a little – this is very good for us as individuals as well for the business – but nobody can say when we are back to normal - if at all. Hopefully, the easing up of the COVID-19 situation will at least result in small investments being made again – there is still the same demand for protecting the environment in general as well as the working environment for employees. In addition, the demand for a very quick extension of capacity for certain products will also require waste handling.


To all of you out there, we wish you all the best and that you, your family and colleagues are and will stay safe.

Best Regards
Leif Hansen