LundbergTech News

Jul 13, 2020

Waste handling for anti-slip pallet- and liner sheets

Pallet and liner sheet are used as a complement to film for securing loads on the pallet until they reach its destination.

The sheets are for preserving the homogeneity of pallets from the palletization area to the filming area, but also to destination point when unloading and the film has been removed. The sheets are a part of making the internal handling operations safer with no need for filming between the palletization and storage or order preparation areas and allowing to reduce your plastic film waste for internal transport. Pallet sheet are also a part in reducing shipping costs by optimizing your pallet loading patterns or by increasing the number of rows of products on a pallet.

When arriving at destination these pallet and liner sheet generate a lot of waste which is needed to take care of. An automated Lundberg Tech waste handling system can easily handle the pallet size sheet and liners waste generated by unloading them. Sheet and liners are captured with vacuum and cut to small pieces with granulator before it is conveyed and collected at the disposal point.

Lundberg Tech's wide range of All-in-one units and customized central systems ensures a system specifically designed for your demands.

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