LundbergTech News

Dec 15, 2020

Testimonial from Liveo Research PPI GmbH & Co.

“Lundberg Tech is our preferred supplier for waste handling and chopping of trims”

“Lundberg Tech System – the best waste handling solution we ever had, compared to former ones.” This is the spontaneous comment from Center Leader Slitting Leopold Sascha Kampfert from Liveo Research PPI GmbH & Co.

The company, a leading provider of research-driven packaging solutions for global pharmaceutical industry, possesses various Lundberg Tech granulators, a WasteTech 140, collecting and cutting trims from a slitter rewinder, and a central system, which transports precut trims directly to a Dreher mill – easy, clean and convenient.

“Next, we will be looking into purchasing a new slitter and a couple of WasteTechs for material separation as we are pursuing our sustainable goals. We are very satisfied and will will convinced of the high quality from Lundberg Tech”, he states.

— Leopold Sascha Kampfert / Center Leader Slitting / Liveo Research PPI GmbH & Co.