Bischof Druck – Label Converting

Bischof Druck strives to meet ecological and sustainable requirements in their production to seriously address the issue of sustainability

Bischof Druck GmbH is a privately owned label printing company based in Edewecht, Germany. The company has a high focus on the environment. Investments in energy and resource-saving means of production and the use of sustainable resources are just some of the steps that have been taken in recent years towards a more sustainable production. Bischof Druck is recycling 75% of the waste generated in their production (waste paper, cardboard boxes, packaging films) and is constantly looking for ways to increase this number.

So, it was only natural for Bischof Druck also to explore the possibilities for an even better and more efficient way to handle their production waste. Soon a dialogue with Lundberg Tech was commenced. A WasteTech 140 All-in-one vacuum waste handling unit was introduced to Bischof Druck. The WasteTech was the perfect solution for Bischof and it was installed in February 2022. This unit captures, conveys, cuts and collects the trim waste material from 3 production machines.

“We are very pleased with the installation and the successful start up of the WasteTech”, explains Stefan Bischof, CEO, Bischof Druck GmbH.

“The waste handling unit helps us reduce the volume of waste and to bring waste material back into the material cycle”, he continues .

“The cooperation with Lundberg Tech has been excellent. From the initial contact with the Lundberg Tech Sales Department, the smooth and professional installation as well as the after sales service”, Stefan Bischof concludes.


With the WasteTech 140 the waste generated in the Bischof Druck production is now optimally prepared for recycling.


— Bischof Druck GmbH