Bomarko – Converting and Die Cutting

The Lundberg Tech Central System has reduced production downtime and much more…

Bomarko, Inc. was founded in 1963 in Plymouth, Indiana, USA. The company converted paper for one product in a single market segment.

Today, Bomarko ships internationally, and consists of three converting facilities containing a combination of wide web presses, coating lines and slitting-rewinding stations in addition to fully integrated converting operations making Bomarko a complete packaging and coating supplier.

Bomarko seeks to reduce the natural resources the company is consuming during operations and also continuously to decrease the amount of waste generated. Further to this Bomarko encourages sustainable practices within the company. It was therefore obvious for Bomarko to look for ways to enhance their waste handling process. In 2022 Lundberg Tech provided a tailored Central System, which has been successfully installed.

Kenn Akers, Director of Operations, Bomarko, Inc., explains:

“The Lundberg Tech Central System works like a charm and does what we were told it would do. It has reduced our downtime and allowed us to continuously produce material non-stop. Better yet, the mess is gone and with it, the necessity to allocate resources to handle the cages of trim on a regular basis. Plus less downtime cleaning and dumping the gaylord of trim is eliminated. The floor is cleaner, more accessible, and we’re looking forward to adding on to the system soon!”


— Bomarko, Inc.