CCL Label Völkermarkt – Label Converting

A Central System has helped CCL Label Völkermarkt to reach their environmental and sustainable goals concerning waste handling

CCL Industries is one of the leading label manufacturers in the world with +200 production facilities in 43 countries, with headquarters in Toronto, Canada and Framingham, Massachusetts, USA.

In 2022 the Austrian plant CCL Label Völkermarkt GmbH was looking for ways to enhance their waste handling processes. At that time their waste handling consisted of a Venturi system. This means combining one pipe from each machine integrated with a blower to the collection point. This resulted in a high energy consumption. As the CCL Group is very committed to preserving the environment and also has focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, waste handling optimisation and increased productivity was a natural next step.

Communication with Lundberg Tech was initiated as Lundberg Tech has proven to be a reliable partner for waste handling projects within the CCL Group. Successfully realised projects for trims and matrix waste in the past have been installed in several countries and sites globally.

After a constructive planning and customised designing process CCL Label Völkermarkt decided to invest in a Lundberg Tech Central System. The installation was made in June 2022 and the tailored Central System handles trim waste from 4 machines. Every machine creates 5 waste trims which are all handled by the Central System.

“We now have a Central System that has helped us reach our environmental and sustainable goals concerning waste handling. Our productivity has also increased”, Martin Pribassnig, Operations Director, CCL Label Völkermarkt GmbH explains.

He adds,

“Our energy consumption has been reduced because only one ventilator for all machines is in operation. An advantage is that we now have guillotine valves to shut down a machine when it is not in operation. The suction power of the Central System is adapted and reduced by a frequency converter. In this way we minimise the overall daily energy consumption of the system”.

“We are also very satisfied with the fact that waste from all our machines is directed in one main pipe, which means that we could reduce the number of pipe installations inside the building”, Martin Pribassnig continues.

“The waste volume has been reduced significantly because we are now cutting the endless trims at the machine. This means that we have fewer external transports for the disposal company and are saving further costs because we have less pick-ups of waste from our premises. Finally, the waste handling system handles the dust around the machines and returns the cleaned air reducing the CO2 emissions”, he concludes.


— CCL Label Völkermarkt GmbH