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Streamlined Waste Handling: A Cutter/Granulator drives efficiency at Creative Labels

“After the installation of the Lundberg Tech Granulators, we observed a noticeable improvement in our waste handling process and overall daily operation,” states Robert Rivas, Production Supervisor, Creative Labels Inc.

“At Creative Labels, Inc., precision and efficiency are paramount, and the Lundberg Tech Granulator has proven to be a transformative addition to our waste handling process”. Robert Rivas attests to the significant impact the GR140 Granulator has had on their daily operations.


Established in 1980, Creative Labels has evolved from a modest setup to an 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility, equipped with cutting-edge printing technologies, including five Flexo presses and a new Digital press. The challenge of managing waste generated from multiple presses was addressed with the seamless integration of the Lundberg Tech Granulator, GR140.

Rivas further explains,

“What sets Lundberg Tech apart is not just the quality of their products but also their exceptional customer service. We collaborated extensively with them post-installation, fine-tuning and adjusting to ensure everything was right. Their responsiveness and appreciation for our needs truly made the experience outstanding”.

“Moreover, the GR140MSC didn’t just address our waste handling needs; it also upgraded our older air system, enhancing its efficiency. In an industry where many systems are only “halfway there,” the GR140MSC stands out as a comprehensive solution”, Rivas adds.


Reflecting on how today’s waste handing process takes place at Creative Labels, Rivas concludes:

“The impact was so remarkable that we recently placed an order for a third Granulator. It has become an indispensable component of our operations, reflecting its value as something we simply can’t live without. The Lundberg Tech Granulator has not only revolutionized our waste handling but has also elevated our overall efficiency.”


— Creative Labels Inc.