Grafiket – Label Converting

The Danish label maker Grafiket moves and expands their Lundberg Tech waste handling system

Grafiket A/S is a label printing company situated in Kolding, Denmark. Grafiket is part of the Asteria Group and has 75 employees. They installed their first Lundberg Tech matrix waste handling system in 2013.

When Grafiket moved to a new facility and expanded their production in 2021 it was natural for the company to contact Lundberg Tech for an extension of their existing waste handling system.

The Lundberg Tech system handles matrix and edge trim waste from 8 label presses and converting machines.

“We have been very pleased with the performance of our Lundberg Tech waste handling system since the first installation in 2013, says Claus Kunckel-Hansen, CEO, Grafiket”.

“Efficient waste handling is important for our production and therefore it was an easy and obvious choice for us to work together with Lundberg Tech again”, concludes Claus Kunckel-Hansen.


— Grafiket A/S