Jiangsu OPT Barcode – Label Converting

Jiangsu OPT Barcode located in Jingjiang, Jiangsu in China was looking to optimise their production by reducing the volume of waste as well as automising the removal of waste from the production line

Lundberg Tech had provided OPT Barcode with a label matrix removal system in the past and was also able to respond to the new need for handling the trim.

It soon became clear that a customised Lundberg Tech TrimCompactor 140 – 140U would be the ideal solution for Jiangsu OPT Barcode. In 2021 the system was delivered and installed and has been up and running ever since.

“After we have started using the Lundberg Tech system to collect the trims from three of our label slitter rewinders and one printing machine we do not need each operator to remove the waste manually and carry it out to the waste room every hour”, explains Xu Jiang, CEO, Jiangsu OPT Barcode.

“It has significantly increased our work efficiency. In addition, with the waste being cut and compacted we now have more available facility space”, Xu Jiang concludes.


— Jiangsu OPT Barcode