Mondi – Slitting and Rewinding

Installation completed successfully – and still room for capacities

“We continuously improve our systems and processes with great focus on enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency, reducing waste and ensuring our processes stay lean”, says Maintenance Manager Michael Löscher, Mondi Korneuburg GmbH.

“A little more than a week ago, we initiated our latest project, comprising the extension and modification of our existing central waste handling system, by adding a new ventilator and Granulators”, he explains.

The production of functional barrier laminates for FFS packaging applications and high-performance retortable stand-up pouches require an effective waste handling system, and with Lundberg Tech’s customized solution, a fast flow is well-manageable. It is catching trim waste directly from slitting machines in the stand pouch production and cutting it with 140U Granulators in order to transport the waste through pipes and directly into a press compactor.

“The installation started early on a Friday morning and finished next day in the afternoon without any stress, thanks to an amazing cooperation with Lundberg Tech’s team. We are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art and highly functional production lines. Furthermore, our processes comply with our certification ISO 9001:2015 and BRC, the global standard for food industry management and environmental handling, and we will continue to develop”, Michael Löscher finishes.

— Mondi Korneuburg GmbH, Austria