NEUBRONNER – Roll-to-roll Processing

WasteTech ACE – a clean process improvement

“Dust created by the waste from production of fibre-reinforced adhesive tape has been a critical issue to NEUBRONNER GmbH & Co. KG in the past. A business associate recommended us to investigate possible Lundberg Tech solutions,” tells Managing Director Michel Becker.

“We realised that the WasteTech ACE Unit is the optimal choice for our application. The dust and side trims are captured by vacuum right at the converting machines, cut into small pieces and collected in a transport container. It is a compact solution that takes up little floor space – and the automatic air filter concept is unique,” he explains.


The new purchase of an All-in-one Unit is perfectly consistent with NEUBRONNER’s philosophy for decades. Innovative solutions and advancements within manufacturing processes and technology have contributed to the successful business with quality products since 1905.