Schreiner Group – Label Converting

A waste handling unit has significantly improved the production process for Schreiner Group, resulting in a smoother workflow

Schreiner Group is an international family business specialising in high-end innovative products and technologies, the core business being labels and functional parts.

Lately Schreiner Group has been taking measures to enhance their waste management process. In May 2023, they initiated discussions with Lundberg Tech. As a result, Schreiner Group recognised the need for a waste handling solution from Lundberg Tech to streamline the handling of their label waste.

To gain firsthand experience with the vacuum waste handling unit, Schreiner Group decided to rent an automated All-in-one waste handling unit, specifically the WasteTech 80-80U. This unit was promptly delivered, enabling the company to effectively manage their label trim waste and address excess waste in the production area.

Christian Harlander, the Team Coordinator of Industrial Engineering at Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, shares his thoughts on the experience:


“After using the waste handling unit for a few months, we were thoroughly convinced of the benefits provided by an automated waste handling system. This led us to make the decision to purchase the unit.”


Harlander goes on to elaborate on the advantages they experienced:


“The automated system has brought tremendous gains for us. We now enjoy uninterrupted production, eliminating material losses due to production stops. This not only translates into financial savings but also improves ergonomics, relieving our employees from the manual work they previously had to handle. Additionally, the reduced dust levels in our production area contribute to a cleaner work environment”.


In conclusion, Schreiner Group is straightforward in their satisfaction with the waste handling unit. As Harlander aptly summarises,


“The unit runs very satisfactorily, ensuring our production runs smoother than ever before.”


— Schreiner Group



(Picture: Copyright Schreiner Group)