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Efficient waste handling system
with benefits: No dust and ink issues!

„We are a state-owned company based in Shenzhen, China, specializing in printing invoice paper. Our slitters and printers produce endless edge trim waste as well as lots of dust containing ink, due to which all our factory workers had to use masks. Our previous trim removal system that used blower pipes to remove the trim off the machines onto the ground was causing more ink and dust particles to be whirled in the air.“

Lundberg Tech‘s vaccuum waste handling system solved both problems with great efficiency; all edge trims and dust particles are captured by vacuum inside the pipeline, where the trim waste enters the cutting units – Granulators, whereafter it continues through the pipeline first into a separator and then a baler, while dust is collected in an automatic filter.

„The system works automatically and reliably, the Granulators cut the edge trim continously and our production line is no longer slowed down by manual waste removal. The space around the machines is clean, as there is no edge trim piling up. In addition, our staff no loger needs to wear masks, since the dust and ink particles are extracted along with the trim waste,“ according to Production Manager Ma Qingcai.


— Shenguorui Printing