Sigolabels – Label Converting

To fulfil the waste handling needs of Sigolabels, a Lundberg Tech All-in-one Unit WasteTech 140-140U for label trims from 4 machines was customised and installed

Sigolabels is a Polish company operating in the printing industry. The largest part of their customers is situated beyond the borders of Poland with a focus on European markets in e.g., the food, chemical, and cosmetic industry.

Sigolabels had been looking for a solution to their way of handling waste for some time. After a constructive dialogue with Lundberg Tech and Lundberg Tech’s partner in Poland, JWK Consulting, Sigolabels was confident that the right solution for them was to install an All-in-one Unit dedicated to capture trims inline from their 4 production machines, to chop the trims into small pieces, to convey them in a piping system and finally to collect them in a big bag.

“Before installing the WasteTech we faced the fact that the production created 4 bins of unchopped waste, which needed to be emptied per shift. After the installation only 1 plastic bin needs to be emptied per shift. This is a significant volume reduction. Moreover, waste handling automation allows us to reach higher production output”, explains Rafał Koszelnik, Co-owner, Sigolabels.


— Sigolabels