SÜDPACK – Slitting, Rewinding

Automated waste handling has increased productivity at SÜDPACK Kłobuck in Poland


SÜDPACK’s plant in Poland is located in the city of Kłobuck in the southern part of the country. The Polish facility, which is part of the international SÜDPACK Group, specialises in flexo packaging PET, PE and PP.

It was a big challenge for SÜDPACK Kłobuck to handle their waste because of the endless, uncut side trims were filling the bins pretty quickly requiring a lot of daily manual effort by the operating personnel to dispose of waste.

By the end of 2018 SÜDPACK Kłobuck decided to test a WasteTech 140-140U together with 2 of their slitting rewinding machines. Within one month from the installation SÜDPACK Kłobuck was fully convinced about Lundberg Tech’s automated waste extraction method and its benefits. Therefore, they did not only purchase the rented unit, they also bought one more WasteTech 140-140U twin unit for 2 additional machines.

“Before installing Lundberg Tech’s systems we were facing difficulties disposing of the waste, mainly because of the volume size. The endless trims forced our personnel to empty the bins a couple of times a day. Now the process is fully automated, and the trims are being firmly cut by the Granulators, which obviously saves a lot of space”, Paweł Grajoszek, Production Manager, SÜDPACK Kłobuck explains.


“The shredded material is collected in the TubeBag system, which allows us to pack as much waste as needed in a single segment. All of this helps us to significantly reduce the volume and the manpower needed to keep the working environment clean. We have increased our productivity as we don’t need to stop our machines to remove the waste”, Paweł Grajoszek finishes.


SÜDPACK Kłobuck is another classic example showing how Lundberg Tech’s automated waste handling systems can significantly improve the production output while keeping the working area clean with minimum maintenance. The installations at SÜDPACK Kłobuck were made more than 5 years ago, and the All-in-one Units are still running flawlessly.


— SÜDPACK Kłobuck