Techlan – Roll-to-roll Processing

Increased recycling of waste silicone release liners

From the very beginning, research and development programs for the recycling of silicone release liners have been imperative for the family owned business, Techlan Ltd.

The company has developed and patented an innovative recycling process for waste silicone release liners. Techlan recieves rolls of the waste liner into its plant in Swansea, which it then cleans, using its technology. The liner is not destroyed, or broken down, it is simply cleaned enabling it to be reused.

It is the perfect example of a Circular Economy product.

Managing Director, Mark Thompson reveals that one of the secrets on how the company has been able to increase the re-use of material and their productivity even further, is due to the recent purchase of a TrimCutter 80 from the vacuum waste handling expert, Lundberg Tech.

The All-in-one Unit captures, conveys and cuts the material into small confetti pieces, and collects these in a big bag, while keeping the environment clean with a filter. Hereafter, the prepared material is passed onto the next step in the conversion process of its 100% recycled silicone release liners.

“The equipment works impeccable and is low on resources, supporting our aim for efficient and sustainable production”, states Mark Thompson, Managing Director.


— Techlan Ltd