TQL Packaging Solutions – Waste Size Reduction

A Lundberg Tech TrimCompactor has been a resource saver for TQL Packaging Solutions

TQL Packaging Solutions (Total Quality Labels) is a packaging converter in the narrow web industry based in Dallas, USA. Facing the fact that the production creates waste, which is time-consuming to handle, a decision was made to find a suitable waste handling solution to the TQL system processing shrink film. Lundberg Tech was able to provide exactly what was required.

“The Lundberg Tech TrimCompactor 140MS solved a real pain point for us, says TQL Packaging Solutions Plant Manager, Greg Swindle. He adds: “Our trim was overflowing the trash bins and collecting on the floor in a huge pile causing not only an eye sore, but also extra labor to handle it as well as production interruptions. Since the waste is vacuumed away, chopped up and compacted we no longer have to worry about the mess and can focus on production”.

“It’s been a real resource saver for us and we’re very happy with the purchase and looking to add on to the system”, Greg Swindle concludes.


— TQL Packaging Solutions