Trim waste management

Lundberg Tech A/S can assist you with trim waste management. We can make recommendations for expansion, renovations, upgrades or provide a complete system to handle your trim waste management. Our design engineers are among the best in the field in this industry and they are committed to providing the highest customer satisfaction. All of our systems are custom designed and guarantee:  

Capturing the waste as near to the place in the process line where it is created, enables faster production speed, less down time and removes dust from the production environment.

Cutting the waste by the unique and reliable Lundberg Tech granulator which gives the vacuum waste handling system high added value by reducing the volume of the waste.

Convey the waste with vacuum suction with the opportunity to be transported over long distances.

Collecting the waste in a sack or container inside or outside which gives flexibility in the customer possibilities in a clean waste handling process and easy disposal.

Compacting waste by the Lundberg Tech WasteCompactor or is into a container which reduces space for waste and cost for disposal.

Lundberg Tech A/S trim waste management meets all your trim waste removal needs.
We are always ready to answer any questions that you may have about our solutions and our technical support can assist you and give:

  • Fast response to your inquiries
  • Cost-effective solutions to your specific needs
  • High performance, easy-to-handle systems
  • Technical support by experts
  • Additional services: installation and maintenance