Waste matrix removal in label production

Removal or stripping of waste matrix when producing self-adhesive labels is what Lundberg Tech A/S has expert knowledge about. It might sound like a simple process to remove extra waste after die cutting of labels, but it is actually one of the most complex and problematic areas in the label converting process. If there is a problem with waste matrix removal in label production, the production might be forced to stop and sometimes it can be very difficult to remove the fixed waste problem. With a Lundberg Tech granulator and cutter, the waste matrix removal in label production will be done during the production of labels and there will be no down-time.  

Our granulators and cutters can handle all kinds of material like glassine, super calendared Kraft and clay coated Kraft, paper and films among others. The size and shapes of the waste matrix in label production is not important to us, our machines can handle any size and we can customize it to your needs when it comes to waste matrix removal in label production.

Waste matrix removal in label production will never be a problem in your factory if you install a trim handling solution from Lundberg Tech. You can collect at the slitter location either in a bag near the process line or in a baler outside the factory, Lundberg Tech trim handling automates the waste handling process.

The trims are captured with vacuum and then the trims are cut into small pieces by the granulator. It simplifies the waste handling and makes it easy to handle, also it reduces the volume of trim waste.

Lundberg Tech supplies standard and custom-built components for trim handling. Lundberg Tech offers trim handling components to include granulators, cutters, ducting and fittings, divert valves, trim separators and cyclones, and dust collectors, which can be used in connection with waste matrix removal in label production.

Lundberg Tech can custom fabricate components for any application for trim handling involving the capture, conveyance and separation of any type of paper, plastic, film, fiber even with glue.

Please contact us to help you with your waste matrix removal in label production.