WasteTech ACE


Lundberg Tech presents a new WasteTech, with self-cleaning filter (Automatic Cleaning Efficiency - ACE). With our new WasteTech ACE you can reduce breaks in the production because you do not have to stop production to clean the filter. The filter is self-cleaning, and your production can run continuously.

The WasteTech ACE is an all-in-one unit for removal of matrix, edge trim and die-cuts.

The waste material are captured directly from the process machine and cut into small pieces in a granulator and transported through piping system by a transport ventilator. The air and waste are separated, and the waste drops down into a sack or optional TubeBag or WasteCompactor.

WasteTech ACE Advantages:

·         Low maintenance costs

·         Self-cleaning filter

·         Easy adjustability


Fields of services:

The WasteTech can easily handle a wide range of materials which includes paper, cardboard, carton, plastics, rubber, textiles, nonwovens, laminates, tapes and labels.

The WasteTech ACE always keeps your production going

At Lundberg tech we have developed our very own WasteTech ACE which is a simple all-in-one unit for removal of edge trims. Our WasteTech makes sure that all waste trims are captured directly from the process machine and cut into small pieces in a granulator and transported through a piping system by a transport ventilator. The air and waste are then separated in a cyclone, and the waste drops down into a sack wherefrom it can be collected and disposed of. The air is constantly cleaned in the automatic filter which is leaving the dust in the sack together with the waste.

The main advantage of our WasteTech ACE is that it will always help to keep your production going.

Unlike other WasteTech units on the market, our system makes sure that you do not need to halt your production in order to clean the filter.

This helps you company to increase both its efficiency and productivity and thereby also lowering our overall costs.

Our WasteTech ACE 140 provides exceptional flexibility and a high degree of user friendliness

Besides helping your company to increase its productivity, our WasteTech ACE is designed to be as practical as possible.

Therefore, we have made sure that our WasteTech unit is very easy to adjust which means you can easily use it for a range of different task.

Furthermore, our WasteTech unit makes it very easy to move and maneuver, which is an advantage for your employees who operate it. It also makes your production more flexible.

And lastly but not least our WasteTech has very low maintenance cost. Many of our machines can run for more than 20 years with only a minimum of maintenance required, which makes our WasteTech a very profitable long-term investment.

Our WasteTech All-in-one vacuum waste handling units and our WasteTech ACE are well-known for:

·         Fully functional waste handling unit capturing, cutting and collecting the waste

·         Available with all the different types of cutters and granulators depending on application

·         Available with frequency converter connected to the transport ventilator to increase the air volume.

·         Available with TubeBag for continuous operation

·         Available with height extension to collect the waste in big bags

·         Remove the dust in the waste handling

·         Can cover more than one process machine

·         Can easily be connected to the Lundberg Tech WasteCompactor

·         Moveable unit

·         Easy installation


Lundberg Tech’s All-in-one WasteTech ACE waste handling unit consists of:

·         Cabinet

·         Granulator with silencer inside cabinet

·         Ventilator with silencer inside cabinet

·         Cyclone air separator

·         Automatic Cleaning Efficiency filter

·         Sack holder


Lundberg Tech also offers maintenance service on WasteTech units and similar units.

Our excellent sales team is always waiting by the phones to answer all your questions.

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At Lundberg Tech we have more than 30 years of experience regarding both manufacturing and development of granulators and WasteTech units. This also means that we have many years of experience when it comes to advising companies on how to choose the right WasteTech that can suit their needs.