Label Waste Removal

Lundberg Tech remove label waste from printing machines at high speed up to 2000m/min. Our solution for label waste removal builds on proven and fully tested design which is needed to ensure maximum efficiency and long durability.

In more than 30 years has Lundberg Tech supplied vacuum waste handling systems to the label industry. Automated removal of label matrix with vacuum is the present and future for label production. 

Lundberg Tech’s matrix waste collection and handling systems are well-known for:

  • Energy efficient compared to venture systems
  • Higher production speed achievable compared to spooled matrix removal
  • Better work environment - No employee risk for back injury related to heavy matrix spool removal
  • Production increase - No matrix breaks because of slow difficult spooling
  • Continuous production-line collection of the waste matrix through a funnel

The heart of Lundberg Techs matrix waste removal solutions is the Lundberg Tech granulator product line, they offer a unique lubrication system integration for a block-free handling of label waste and self-cleaning cutter design ensure long durability.