Management Team – Lundberg Tech A/S

Time has now come for me to leave some of my responsibilities to other managers in Lundberg Tech.

As a part of this we have employed Karsten Kejlhof as CCO – Chief Commercial Officer – with the responsibility for all sales related activities and the commercial development of Lundberg Tech.

Karsten Kejlhof who is 43 years old is educated as an Export Engineer and has many years of working experience in international sales and managerial roles. Latest, Karsten has worked as CEO in European Freeze Dry and as Vice President Sales and Marketing in Mocon Inc., which is the American mother company for the Danish company Dansensor, selling solutions to the Food and Pharmaceutical industry. Earlier Karsten has worked as a sales trainee in Nilpeter and as such Karsten have experience from the Graphic industry as well.  Karsten will join Lundberg Tech on the 6th of January 2020.

I will continue as CEO and Chairman in Lundberg Tech A/S but when Karsten Kejlhof is up and running, I will not be present at Lundberg Tech to the same extent as previously. I will together with Karsten Kejlhof, Karsten Klein and Ulrik Hansen form the executive team and Ulrik will act as the coordinator in my absence. Besides from Karsten, Karsten, Ulrik and me, the management team will consist of CSO, Kai Hornetz and CPO, Morten Lyngsie.

I am sure that Karsten Kejlhof will fit very well into Lundberg Tech and that he together with the rest of the management team will form a strong team which together with the other managers and employees around the world  will be able to continue the development and global growth of Lundberg Tech.

Please join me in welcoming Karsten Kejlhof warmly to Lundberg Tech.

Best regards  / Med venlig hilsen

Leif Hansen
Lundberg Tech A/S

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