Optimum Group Invests in Automated Waste Handling

Optimum Group is an international group of specialised printing companies offering a total package of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions. Optimum Group has entered into an agreement with Lundberg Tech about the supply of a central waste handling system for three of their label production facilities in the Netherlands.


Denmark based Lundberg Tech is an expert in automated waste handling systems for self-adhesive materials. Early 2022 Lundberg Tech will design and deliver the central waste handling systems for Optimum Group.’


When the three Lundberg Tech Central Systems have been installed at Optimum Group Belona, Etiket Nederland and Telrol the systems will help increase productivity by reducing the number of machine stops for handling of matrix waste. At the same time the systems will reduce the need for manual handling of trim and matrix label waste.


Harry de Wit, Director at Optimum Group Belona, says: “We have been using Lundberg Tech products since 2010 and have always been pleased with the performance and service. With the new matrix waste handling installation we expect to be able to gain a higher throughput on each machine – due to fewer stops and the fact that the waste handling system is always ready”.


Miriam van der Plaat, COO at Optimum Group, adds: “I look forward to strengthening the partnership with Lundberg Tech and to working together in further optimisation of Optimum Group’s printing processes”.


Karsten Kejlhof, CCO at Lundberg Tech, says: “The entire team at Lundberg Tech is very pleased to be selected as the preferred partner for the new central waste handling systems at Optimum Group Belona, Etiket Nederland and Telrol. We are looking forward to installing the systems and helping each site to obtain a fast return on their investment”.


Lundberg Tech contributes to process optimisation within new standards supporting sustainable production by producing efficiently and with less material waste due to fewer production stops. Thanks to a unique concept which also includes the possibility for material separation, Lundberg Tech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of waste handling systems for printing, slitting and converting applications. Today there are more than 5000 Lundberg Tech waste handling installations in more than 50 countries around the world.


Read more about Optimum Group at: https://www.optimumgroup.eu


Media Contacts
Lundberg Tech A/S, Denmark: Karsten Kejlhof, CCO, kejlhof@lundbergtech.com, +45 21 21 99 88
Optimum Group, The Netherlands: Luuk Wessels, Marketing Manager, luuk.wessels@optimumgroup.nl, +31 (0)53 428 24 28