Turn Your Production Clean, Green and Lean!!

Be on the forefront of your production and use cutting-edge waste handling technology to convert waste into a resource to be able to reuse, reduce or recycle. Get a clean and LEAN working environment by removing manual waste handling, increasing efficiency and avoiding downtime. Work with your waste and make your production green by producing more with less resources.

Improve your waste handling system

Have you extended your production and installed new machines, replaced an old machine by a wider and faster one or just re-organised your layout?

Are you running other materials or want to separate materials for recycling purposes? Or maybe you just want to improve your existing system due to continuous problems?

Central label waste handling system

Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Lundberg Tech improve your existing system and hereby reduce operation costs and make it more efficient!

Lundberg Tech is specialist in cutting and exhausting trims and die-cutting waste, and a technology leader in processing self-adhesive matrix waste. We are experts in converting waste with systems designed to capture, convey, cut, collect and compact waste from the process line.

Cases in which your Waste Handling System needs an upgrade or service?

  • You are struggling with blockages in the pipes during operation
  • You can’t use the system for all your printing jobs
  • Lack of suction power so that you can’t use the system on all machines at the same time
  • You are experiencing problems in cleaning the filters of the system manually
  • Your exhausted air is not returned into the building
  • You need a lot of oil in the system for operation, oiler is difficult to adjust properly
  • You are facing oil leakages out of the piping system
  • Service from your existing supplier is bad and re-sharpening is too often and costs too high.

Highly experienced Lundberg technicians are at any time at your disposal to analyse your existing system on site! We are dedicated in finding ways of continuous improvement with you and to discuss how to modify and upgrade your system to make it more efficient, increase performance and prepare it for future demands.

Contact us and let us help your company with a waste handling solution.